Water & Water Industries

Due to the shortage of water resources, recently, it has been paid attention to clean and healthy water as well as its filtration installation. PALIZ NIROO Co. acts the above-stated provision of engineering services and supplies required equipment.

Services & Solutions

The following services are provided by PALIZ NIROO Co.:

1- Reducing Energy Consumption:

  1. ● In order to use high-efficiency electro.
  2. ● Electro design with the best efficiency.
  3. ● Electro pump with variable speed drives.
  4. ● Cooling and ventilation systems for motorcyclists.
  5. ● Use three-phase motors instead of single-phase motors.
  6. ● Remove the pumps directly to the network to remove the excess energy consumption while increasing network pressure.
  7. ● Re-engineer processes of purification, water pumping and distribution of energy management with a view to eliminating energy waste.
  8. ● Energy management re-engineering of wastewater treatment processes with a view to eliminating energy waste.
  9. ● Engineering design update and upgrade the transformer equipment, air and ground cables to reduce losses and increase efficiency.
  10. ● Installation of capacitor banks for reactive power supply electro and increasing the power factor.

2- The Cost Savings in Lighting Systems:

  1. ● Use light bulbs with higher efficiency and more lumens per watt.
  2. ● Use intelligent lighting control systems.
  3. ● Improved color and reflection of walls, ceilings and floors to reduce light energy.
  4. ● Industrial filtration water systems.
  5. ● The types of positive displacement Roots air blower or side channel packages.
  6. ● Water disinfection equipment in various ways, such as V, zonation and chlorination and offers a variety of infusion pumps (Dosing Pump).
  7. ● Metal resources softener, and other resources needed for water treatment and filtration such as cyclones.
  8. ● Cationic and anionic resins, activated carbon and silica used in water and wastewater treatment industry.
  9. ● Gas supply equipment purification systems for pools, sauna and Jacuzzi.