Oil, Gas& Petrochemical Industries

Oil, gas and petrochemical industries play as a key role in  energy and also raw material production as the main infrastructure of many other industries. PALIZ NIROO Co. provides equipment and spare parts for gas and petrochemical plants as well as transmission fluid lines.

Services & Solutions

1- To Improve the Operation That Led to The Optimization of Energy Consumption, The Following Apply:

  1. ● Operation of boilers and furnaces at or near its nominal capacity.
  2. ● Reduce excess air (Excess Air) and combustor, and adjust the air-fuel ratio.
  3. ● Cleaning of heat transfer surfaces.
  4. ● Reduce losses due to radiation from gate.
  5. ● Sealing valves (Sealing) and minimize air leakage into furnace.
  6. ● Adjust appropriate furnace pressure and adjust it slightly more positive.
  7. ● Improve water treatment and removal of suspended particles in order to reduce Blown Boiler.
  8. ● Optimize steam output rate of de-aerator (Deaerator).
  9. ● Repair of steam leaks
  10. ● Use Pinch technology and energy integration process

2- To Improve the Efficiency of Equipment and Devices:

  1. ● Use the appropriate insulation for boilers and furnaces to reduce heat losses
  2. ● Proper insulating cool levels near furnaces
  3. ● Proper insulating steam pipes output from boilers
  4. ● Minimizing steam output Air (Vent) from boilers
  5. ● Correct and effective maintenance program for steam traps
  6. ● Using High Pressure Condense to generate low-pressure steam (Low pressure)
  7. ● Optimizing the Condensate Recovery
  8. ● Power factor correction in power grid