Minerals Industries

Cement mineral industry plays strong role in industrial development, road building, general and industrial installation. Considering the increasing rate of construction, accretion this production is accelerated in development projects. In order to provide engineering services and supply equipment PALIZ NIROO Co. supplies cement and minerals industries.

Services & Solutions

In order to reduce and optimize energy consumption by PALIZ NIROO Co. the following services are possible:

1- Design and Engineering, Installation, Implementation and Operation of:

  1. ● Generation and transmission of electrical power systems, uninterruptible power supplies.
  2. ● Control systems for industrial automation and instrumentation.
  3. ● Transmission fluid. (Piping), compressor houses and industrial powerhouse, types of pumps and centrifuges, cold and hot water production systems.
  4. ● Renewable energy.
  5. ● Automatic transmission and conveyer systems.
  6. ● Compressed air systems.
  7. ● Enhance power factor.

2– Optimizing Opportunities in The Cement and Minerals Industries:

  1. ● Clinker cooling recycling thermal energy in combined heat and power production cycles.
  2. ● Heat recovery exchanger cooling tower using Thermowir.
  3. ● Thermal energy recovered from the exhaust.

3– The Promotion of Technology or Equipment in Order to Increase Productivity:

  1. ● Use remote controllers Electro mill in closed circuit.
  2. ● Speed control drivers for electro and compressors.