Steel Industries

Metal production industries such as steel, Aluminum, zinc and copper industries play an important role in this market around the world. The manufacturing activities are efficient factors to stabilize business opportunities and to promote production in developing countries. PALIZ NIROO Co. provides engineering services and supplies equipment related to systems based on metals production.

Services & Solutions

In order to reduce and optimize energy consumption the following services could be done by PALIZ NIROO Co.:

1- Design, Engineering, Installation, Implementation and Operation of:

  1. ● Generation and transmission of electrical power systems, uninterruptible power supplies.
  2. ● Control systems for industrial automation and instrumentation.
  3. ● Transmission fluid. (Piping), compressor houses and industrial powerhouse, types of pumps and centrifuges, cold and hot water         production systems.
  4. ● Renewable energy.
  5. ● Automatic transmission and conveyer systems.
  6. ● Compressed air systems.
  7. ● Enhance power factor.

2- Optimization of Electrical Energy in The Steel Industry and The Production of Metal:

  1. ● The load balance in three-phase power supplies.
  2. ● Transfer loads to off-peak hours of consumption as much as possible (time management).
  3. ● Most times, minimizing request using automated load control via a controller demand.
  4. ● Power factor correction up to 0.95 using additional capacitors installed automatic power factor controllers.
  5. ● To ensure that all capacitors are in line and behave correctly (using the charging current and fuse conditions).
  6. ● Insert tab transformers in optimum settings.
  7. ● Choosing the right equipment to suit the load to achieve optimum efficiency (engine efficiency 5-4% higher efficiency than standard   engines).
  8. ● Check the system for overvoltage or low voltage conditions equalization three-phase power sources (voltage unbalance can be between 5-3% increase motor input).
  9. ● The use of variable-speed drives for large variable loads.