Generation, Transmission & Distribution Systems

Power industry as mother and infrastructure industry has a leading role in the industrial development of every country. PALIZ NIROO Co. provides services toward producing electrical energy in all types of  integrated thermal power plant on a variety of small-scale wind, solar and geothermal combined cycle and transmission lines, up to 400 KV, A variety of high voltage and medium voltage substations with  20,33,132,230 voltage level with different styles; CIS,AIS, DCS, and different distribution networks; 11,20, and 33 voltage levels, described in the following activities in design, supply, installation and maintenance of application and maintenance

Services & Solutions

1- Plant Services:

  1. ● Thermal power plants and combined cycle.
  2. ● Hydroelectric plants and steam.
  3. ● All types of power plants and small-scale distributed generation.
  4. ● Small or local overhaul.

2-Transmission Lines Services:

  1. ● Transmission lines with voltage levels 63 to 400 KV.
  2. ● Distribution networks with voltage levels 11 KV, 20 KV and 33 KV.
  3. ● High voltage power Substation 63 KV to 400 KV in a variety of Conventional, DCS, AIS, GIS, COMPACT. Mobile.
  4. ● Medium voltage 20 KV and 33KV.
  5. ●Providing services network studies, synchronization objects, open assessment, testing of protective relays, power transformers and measuring equipment, ground systems, supply, implementation, installation and maintenance of electric power supply.
  6. ● Supply and installation of types of AC (UPS, Diesel Generator) -DC (Invertor, Convertor) power supplies.
  7. ● Design, supply, installation and maintenance of application and maintenance of public and district lighting systems.

The CO. can offer following solutions Optimizing opportunities in energy distribution networks:

1- Control Electric Power Distribution Networks:

  1. ► The effect of SVC reactive power control on the Equalization of asymmetric loads.
  2. ► Extracting the dynamics characteristics of network.

2- Protect Distribution Networks:

  1. ► Implementation of risk assessment in the case of distribution networks.
  2. ► Develop and optimize the distribution network.

3- Smart Automation of Electrical Networks:

  1. ► Use of information technology to optimize power quality monitoring and network monitoring.

4- Power Quality, Distribution Networks:

  1. ► Study the effects of harmonics supervisor network.
  2. ► Changes current harmonic voltage disturbances.
  3. ► Increase the reliability of distribution networks.

5- Voltage Control Method, Improve Reliability and The Integration of Distributed Generation Resources:

  1. ► Monitor and reduce the loss of distribution networks.
  2. ► Technical estimates based on the time and feeders in distribution networks.
  3. ► DG and its effects on distribution networks.
  4. ► The effect of the expansion of renewable energy such as photovoltaic generators and equipment.
  5. ► The new design distribution networks.
  6. ► The possibility of the utilization of solar cars for transportation inside the city.
  7. ► The effect of extending the use of electric vehicles and charging data.
  8. ► Monitoring equipment lines and distribution networks.

6- Study Effect of Low Pressure Distribution Networks and Increase Low Capacity Transformer