Automotive Industries

Automobile manufacturing industry has been known as required industry and also as transport infrastructure development. PALIZ NIROO Co. provides engineering services and supplies equipment to automotive manufacturers and related industries.

Services & Solutions

Engineering Design, Installation, Implementation and Operation of:

  1. ● Electrical power generation and transmission systems, uninterruptible power supplies.
  2. ● Control systems for industrial automation and instrumentation.
  3. ● Engineering design, installation, implementation and operation to the efficiency of renewable energy.
  4. ● Automatic transmission and conveyer systems.
  5. ● Enhance power factor.
  6. ● Robot systems (robots spraying paint female point).
  7. ● Industrial plants.

Moreover, PALIZ NIROO Co. is capable of the provision of all equipment related to it.

The CO. can offer following solutions:

1- Energy Optimization Services in HVAC:

  1. ● Installation of smart control for heating, to reduce fuel consumption in the engine room.
  2. ● Control the temperature of hot water in the three-way isolation valve engine.
  3. ● Installation of solar water heaters for maximum utilization of solar energy.
  4. ● Optimization of combustion furnaces and boilers to reduce fuel consumption and emissions to the environment. Color.
  5. ● Use boilers as water heaters using an economizer.

2- Services Efficient Power Supply System:

  1. ● Implementation of waste water to irrigate green spaces and water supply systems required health services.
  2. ● Prevent waste water, waste water RO systems DI.
  3. ● Washing fiberglass in the engine room from filtered effluent in industrial wastewater.
  4. ● The use of industrial waste in the paint shop.

3- Services Optimize the Systems Pneumatic:

  1. ● Implementation of the automation system and compressed air body.
  2. ● Reduce compressed air leaks by installing fire hoses and pneumatic desirable cylinders.
  3. ● Compressors and compressed air efficiency with optimal settings and remove the dryer dew point of the circuit.
  4. ● Eliminate costly element heaters and hot product collections for recovery absorption dryers and compressed air.
  5. ● Implementation of intelligent control for production halls in non-working days.
  6. ● Control the consumption of compressed air in salon color at empty line times and the distance between the two bodies from the eye using electronic and magnetic valves.

4- Services Optimize the Lighting System:

  1. ● Replace sodium vapor lamps widely used for street lighting with LED projectors.
  2. ● Compact low-power replacement lamps instead of incandescent lamps in the office environment.
  3. ● Replacement of mercury vapor lamps with fluorescent lamps.
  4. ● Install a skylight in the hall to make maximum use of natural sunlight for lighting.
  5. ● Increase the level of Reflection Lighting Equipment in Press staining Hall with light-colored equipment.
  6. ● Implementation of central lighting control system in the production.

5- Power Consumption Optimization Services:

  1. ● Use intelligent control drivers to stop the rotation of conveyors, and lift.
  2. ● Install the industrial control drivers for electromotor for rinsing and degreasing in a paint shop.
  3. ● Use battery systems instead of air tools in assembly halls.