From common household electrical wiring to boat propellers and from photovoltaic cells to saxophones, copper, and its alloys are employed in a myriad of end-uses.

The Copper Development Association (CDA) has categorized them into four end-use sectors: electrical, construction, transport, and other.

The percentage of global copper production consumed by each sector is estimated by the CDA to be:

Electrical       65%
Construction 25%
Transport       7%
Other              3%



Electrical consumption of copper:
Power industry is one of the largest consumers of copper because copper is the best and cheaper metal for electricity transmission, also copper compared to other conductors is essential.

In addition, copper exceptional strength, flexibility, and its resistance against corrosion, has made it to the best and safest transmitter to build wire.

Copper is used in insulated or uninsulated cables, and also in applications of low voltage, medium or high. Furthermore, copper is an essential part of efficient motors and converters.

Product Specification: